22 Ethical Fashion Brands You Should Know

ethical fashion brands brother vellies aurora james
Aurora James, designer of ethical shoe brand Brother Vellies. Image via Brother Vellies

I get a lot of questions about ethical fashion brands from Unwrinkling readers, and I’m always grateful to help people become more responsible with their fashion dollars. But it can be a bit of a bummer when the responsible shopping conversation feels like it requires endlessly proclaiming “don’t.” Don’t buy from these stores, don’t shop so often, don’t wear trendy clothing, don’t simplify a complex issue.

Luckily, there are some brands out there that even the most educated consumer can feel great supporting. Here are 22 ethical fashion brands that I call a giant “do.”


Brother Vellies
Africa-inspired designer sandals and boots (men’s, women’s and kids’)

Colorful sneakers made with South American textiles, plus boots and other shoes (men’s and women’s)

Classic leather shoes (men’s and women’s)

Rugged leather shoes and boots (men’s, women’s and kids’)

Sseko Designs
Classic leather-based shoes, bags and accessories (women’s)

Minimalist designer sneaks (men’s, women’s and kids’)



Akola Project
Elegant jewelry (women’s)

31 Bits
Colorful beaded jewelry (women’s)

victor athletics ethical fashion brands
Victor Athletics makes vintage-looking organic sportswear. Image via Victor Athletics


Modern clothing for an active lifestyle (women’s)

Workwear-inspired apparel and outerwear (men’s)

Classically designed custom-fit sweaters (men’s and women’s)

Designer ready-to-wear (men’s and women’s)

Classic basics from sweatshirts to silk button-ups (men’s, women’s and kids’)

Jeans, casual button-ups and accessories (men’s)

Krochet Kids
Knitted accessories and apparel (men’s and women’s)

Noble Denim
Denim, primarily jeans (men’s)

Nudie Jeans
Casual apparel, especially designer jeans (men’s, women’s and kids’)

Outdoor apparel and gear (men’s, women’s and kids’)

People Tree
Designer apparel, jewelry and accessories (men’s and women’s)

Hip designer apparel (women’s)

Period-proof underwear (women’s)

Victor Athletics
Sporty basics like sweatpants and hoodies (men’s and women’s)

*Note: I didn’t include gender designations because I’m trying to push a reductive binary when it comes to your clothing choices. I included them because I think the customary categories are familiar enough that they can be an aid in finding what you’re looking for. So whether you’re a chick looking for a boxy hoodie, a dude looking for a black skirt or a small child looking for a shoe big enough to put your kitten to sleep in, I hope these categories help you find the perfect fit.

Don’t see your favorite brand here? Let me know what I missed in the comments.

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