6 Ethical Fashion Brands Started by Women of Color

ethical fashion women of color

My latest piece for Fashionista is about fashion-based social enterprises started by women of color. Read the whole piece here.

When TOMS Shoes burst onto the scene with its One for One program in 2006, it introduced a radical new way of thinking about business. Though the model was far from perfect, its easy-to-understand mission—buy a pair of shoes, help a person in need—paved the way for a new breed of fashion company. The many “social enterprises” that have followed its lead similarly emphasize human and environmental well-being, along with the support of local artisans, rather than merely maximizing profit.

Considering that women in developing countries make up a larger percentage of the world’s garment workers—and the world’s poor—than men, women of color are often the main beneficiaries of these kinds of businesses. As such, who better to found companies that help them than other women of color? Here, we rounded up six of our favorite ethical fashion brands that exemplify just that dynamic.

Learn which brands made the list by reading more at Fashionista.

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