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Welcome to Unwrinkling’s first giveaway of 2014—read on to learn how you could win a free custom-fit sweater from Appalatch!
katie appalatch sweater giveaway
Photo by Whitney Bauck. All other images in this post courtesy of Appalatch

First, a challenge: Go to your closet, or imagine it if you’re not home. Count how many items that 1) you’ve had for more than five years and still love, 2) you’ve had for more than five years and are still in great condition, 3) didn’t come at a luxury-brand price and 4) were ethically made.

How many pieces of clothing made the cut for you? If you’re anything like me, significantly less than 50 percent of your wardrobe passed all four levels. Sadly, most of us consume in ways that treat the standards listed above as impossibly high. But what if they didn’t have to be?

Enter Appalatch, an outdoor apparel company based in North Carolina that hopes to “upend the clothing industry for the good.” Appalatch challenges the status quo by making high-quality, timeless pieces that are produced, from start to finish, in the U.S. Appalatch clothing designs intentionally reject short-lived trends in an attempt to make clothing that becomes a family heirloom rather than one more contribution to a growing landfill.

appalatch sweater giveaway made in america

By cutting out middle men and refusing to take advantage of cheap overseas labor, Appalatch is able to maintain a greater degree of control over the environmental impact of their production, as well as making sure that fair wages are paid to every person involved in the process. Their commitment to remaining “made-in-America” also means a reduction of transportation waste that comes from shipping clothing across the globe.

The reduction of waste and commitment to quality doesn’t end there. Appalatch offers custom-fit sweaters that essentially use a 3D printer to produce clothing that exactly fits your unique measurements. Not only does this mean that you end up with a piece of clothing made specifically for your body, but it also means that waste in the process of making individual sweaters is greatly reduced.

mariano deGuzman grace gouin appalatch sweater giveaway
Mariano deGuzman and Grace Gouin, co-founders of Appalatch

Though there’s lots to love about this company, one of things that I’m personally most compelled by is the fact that Appalatch still seems more like a collection of people than a faceless corporation. I got to Skype co-founders Grace Gouin and Mariano deGuzman in preparation for this giveaway, and discovered that they’re the kinds of people I could imagine being friends with in real life. That might seem like a silly reason to support a brand, but when you compare that with some of the sleazy CEOs of other American-made clothing companies, backing funny, wholesome people suddenly becomes a lot more compelling. The fact that Gouin and deGuzman carefully hunted down sources for each step in the production process, from wool providers to leather workers, also makes the whole network of Appalatch contributors just feel a lot more, well, human. As a result, every finished Appalatch piece seems more like a collaborative art piece than a sterile machine byproduct.

On top of it all, they make really beautiful things you can wear—and win. If you’re as convinced as I am that Appalatch is the kind of company worth supporting, you should connect with them on Facebook or Twitter, and enter the giveaway below to win a FREE Appalatch custom-fit sweater.

appalatch sweater giveaway backpack
Besides producing top-of-the-line sweaters, Appalatch also makes gorgeous bags, like this backpack I’m obsessed with. (Birthday gift, anyone?)

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment below with the color and type of sweater you prefer (browse cotton or wool) AND choose one of the options below:

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The giveaway is open to readers worldwide, and will be run until Sunday, January 19 at 10 p.m. CST. The winner will be announced the following day.

Ready, set, go!


AND THE WINNER IS… Erin Modzelewski! Congratulations, Erin, and thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway. Connecting awesome businesses with my awesome readers is one of the best parts of blogging, so thanks for being a part of it! And if you know of any brands that you think would be good candidates for future giveaways, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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