Happy 2nd Birthday, Unwrinkling!

happy birthday unwrinkling
Baby shoes circa 1890, via Wikimedia Commons

Alright, baby blog. We’ve reached the terrible twos.

Which, according to the experts, means I should expect you to start testing limits, throwing tantrums for no reason, developing strongly-held illogical opinions that you can’t be talked out of, and knowing exactly what you want to communicate even though you don’t quite have the speaking-in-understandable-sentences thing down yet.

Admittedly, I have secret hopes that you’ll make me proud by being an exception to all of the above expectations. Either way, though, I’m lucky that the same village that helped me raise you to this point is still around. Over the past 24 months, they’ve watched over you, made suggestions about which direction to point you, indulged you, and encouraged me to keep taking care of you even when I’ve been tempted to throw you out with the bathwater. They’ve loved me and you both, and you wouldn’t be here without them.

In the past year, this tribe of your caretakers came from over 150 countries. Their favorite parts of you had to do with Jessica Rey Swimwear, problems with modesty doctrine, religious imagery in fashion, thrifting and Irish street style. They visited you most the first time we talked about Christian Fashion Week.

And overall, while I’m happy to celebrate your birthday today, I’m just as happy to celebrate these people who have helped you lived this long. They’ve made your mama mighty grateful.

Happy second birthday, Unwrinkling.

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