Happy First Birthday, Unwrinkling!

pc: Heather Kauffman
pc: the lovely Heather Kauffman

Hard to believe, but this little plot of internet is officially a year old!

It’s been an incredibly rich first year, friends. Last January, I set forth with little more than a domain name and the conviction that clothing really matters. I didn’t even feel like I knew that much about fashion, much less blogging. But through the encouragement of some loved ones and lots of prayer, I began to feel like it was worth it—like trying to have conversations about fashion in a Jesus-centric, intellectually rigorous way was worth it.

A year into this endeavor, I can say that it definitely has been. Attempting to facilitate smart, God-informed engagement with fashion has certainly included both hits and misses in this space, but either way I’ve learned boatloads. I’ve spent lots of late nights hunched over this laptop screen wondering why I’m not in bed already, and yet I can’t say I regret it. Unwrinkling has given me the excuse to think, research and pray more about fashion in the last year than in the rest of my life combined, and still I am increasingly aware of how much I have to learn.

Needless to say, you all—the little community of people who read Unwrinkling—have had incredible grace for me. I so appreciate everyone who’s praised my work, commented on posts, followed on social media and (the ultimate compliment) shared Unwrinkling with others. I will probably never be able to make you understand how honored I have felt by your affirmation, but just know that those little encouragements you’ve slipped in at the bottom of a post or as we pass on the sidewalk mean so much. It’s been deeply rewarding to get the chance to chat with many of you, whether over the internet or over a meal, about your opinions on one of the facets of fashion that intrigue you. And some of my most rewarding work has come out of suggestions you’ve made or links you’ve sent me, so thank you for your willingness to participate. It’s made me feel like this is really something we’re doing together, not something I’m doing alone, and that makes a huge difference.

I guess that’s what I ultimately want to say. Thank you for reading, but even more, thank you for wanting to engage. Thanks for caring—whether about fashion, or Jesus, or whatever it is that brought you here. I hope we can continue learning together.


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