Inkkas Shoes – Giveaway! 2

Many of you remember the giveaway Inkkas sponsored on Unwrinkling this summer. I received a lot of great feedback about them and was sad I could only reward one reader with a pair, so I’m glad to announce another chance to win free shoes!

Inkkas is a brand that offers a viable alternative to those struggling with questions of ethical consumerism. The company makes high-quality sneakers featuring traditional South American textiles, and the shoes are sourced, produced, and manufactured in South America by local artisans. In addition to encouraging fair trade practices and producing 100% vegan products, Inkkas donates 10% of their proceeds to an NGO that helps protect the Amazon rainforest and its inhabitants.

inkkas shoes giveaway
South American textiles like the ones found on Inkkas shoes

Though Inkkas has received recognition everywhere from NBC News to Urban Outfitters stores (where the kicks were being sold for €99 this summer), it’s still a young group fighting to retain its integrity as an independent company. As such, the Inkkas team is using a Kickstarter campaign to gain the capital to launch their 2014 collection.

This means that from now until December 19, Inkkas fans can get discounted shoes from the original collection or gain access to the brand-new collection by backing Inkkas on Kickstarter. In other words, if you don’t win a pair through the Unwrinkling giveaway below, now is still the opportune moment to either buy some for yourself or hint to your loved ones that these sneakers belong under your tree on Christmas morning.

inkkas shoes giveaway ayoub mani
Inkkas styled by Ayoub Mani
inkkas shoes giveaway ewa michalik
Inkkas styled by Ewa Michalik

To enter the giveaway:

Please leave a comment below with the style and size of Inkkas you prefer (browse styles here) AND choose at least one of the options below:

1. Like Unwrinkling on Facebook

2. Follow Unwrinkling on Twitter (@Unwrinkling)

3. Subscribe to Unwrinkling to receive email updates about new posts using the box near the top right of this page (your address won’t be given away or sold to anyone, I promise)

4. For readers who have already done the above, invite a friend who’s new to Unwrinkling to like, follow, or subscribe. Have them leave a comment below with your name in addition to their own name and shoe preference, then leave a comment yourself with the style and size you’d like. You and your friend will both be entered in the giveaway.

The giveaway is open to readers worldwide, and will be run until Sunday, November 24 at 10 pm CST. The winner will be announced the following day.

Ready, set, go!

inkkas shoes giveaway


THE RESULTS ARE IN, and the winner is… Andrea Stoeckel! Congrats, Andrea, and thanks to everyone who entered or shared this giveaway with others. You’re such a wonderful community of readers, and I wish I could give you all free stuff. Stick around, and hopefully I’ll be able to host another giveaway soon!

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