Inkkas Shoes – Giveaway!

I’m excited to announce Unwrinkling’s first giveaway. One lucky reader is going to win a free pair of Inkkas shoes of their choice!
Inkkas-wearers in the communities in which the shoes are made. Note: All photos in this post courtesy of Inkkas.

A few months ago, the Bangladesh garment factory tragedy prompted me to grapple with the ethical implications of being a consumer in the Western world. I raised challenges to the status quo, but the only real alternative I offered was thrifting—a great alternative, but an incomplete one. Though it’s difficult for a die-hard thrifter like me to admit, there are a few things for which thrift stores simply can’t be counted upon. How does the ethical consumer then proceed?

Companies like Inkkas can help provide a way forward. Inkkas is a socially- and environmentally-conscious startup based in South America and established on the principles of local production, philanthropy, and authenticity. The company makes sneakers featuring traditional South American textiles, and the shoes are sourced, produced, and manufactured in South America by local artisans. In addition to encouraging fair trade practices and producing 100% vegan products, Inkkas donates 10% of their proceeds to an NGO that helps protect the Amazon rainforest and its inhabitants.

inkkas - making fabric
A local artisan making one of the textiles used by Inkkas
inkkas - process
Inkkas are handmade from start to finish

In short, Inkkas is doing everything they can to make buying their shoes a morally responsible choice. It’s exciting to see a brand using fashion as a vehicle for social and environmental betterment, while managing to avoid the pitfalls of business models like TOMS’.

Equally exciting for you is the fact that you could win a pair of Inkkas of your choice for free! Considering the fact that these sneaks are sold for €99.00 at Urban Outfitters, this is good news indeed.

inkkas - under the table

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment below with the style and size of Inkkas you prefer (browse styles here) AND choose one of the options below:

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The giveaway is open to readers worldwide, and will be run until Sunday, August 4 at 10 pm CET. The winner will be announced the following day.

Ready, set, go!


AND THE WINNER IS… Chris Kuhlow! Congrats, Chris, and thank you so much to everyone who made this giveaway a success both by entering it and sharing it with others. I sincerely wish I could give you all a pair of free Inkkas—I’ll just have to look for a sponsor to host another giveaway soon, I guess. Have a blessed Sunday!

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