NYC Street Style 2014


1. Happy fashion month! And if you’re in New York, happy fashion week!

2. Since it is fashion week in the Big Apple, the interweb is already clogged with NYC street style pictures. I have a few feelings about this:

a) I don’t want to share my own images from the summer. Why would you want to look at my shot-from-the-hip, sometimes cowardly work when you have the likes of Tommy Ton and Bill Cunningham to cover you? Besides, I have to admit that I did a lot more drinking in the beautiful clothing around me than I did recording it, and thus all my photos were taken in the span of one or two days (oops).

b) On the other hand, I struggle with the street style photos that come out around any fashion-crowd-drawing event at this point, whether it’s Pitchfork or Fashion Week. I keep thinking of what Kim France, founding editor of Lucky magazine, said in this very-worth-reading-in-its-entirety interview:

“What you see at the [fashion] shows is not street style. This is something I really have a bee in my bonnet about. The people you see in photos at the shows — that’s not street style, those are people who go out and buy stuff that was plucked right off the runways and wear it. It’s a small little group of editors and bloggers. Street style is like what Amy Arbus shot in the ’80s, what Gary Winogrand shot without making a point of it, what Bill Cunningham shot. It’s finding people on the street and things that are really coming from the ground up.”

I can’t claim that I would be able to ignore the elite group of models and bloggers France refers to if I had access to them. After all, they look good! But on the other hand, I think she has a point in highlighting that much of what made street style worthwhile in the first place is being lost if it’s become one more imitation game.

Ah, well. I don’t necessarily know what to think, and I know there are better photos of NYC out there right now, but here’s my offering nonetheless! A tiny glimpse at a few average Jills and Joes who caught my eye this summer. Do with them what you will.

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