Unwrinkling on the Research on Religion Podcast

unwrinkling research on religion christian fashion week julia chew xiaolin
Designer Julia Chew (right) of Xiaolin Design presenting one of her couture dresses at Christian Fashion Week 2015

In case you’re still not sick of the sound of my voice after those radio spots from this summer, I appeared on the Research on Religion podcast to talk more fashion theology with professor and scholar Anthony Gill in an effort to really push you over the edge.

Besides discussing topics familiar to long-time Unwrinkling readers—including my upbringing in Manila, the complicated world of fashion ethics as it pertains to consumerism, and Christian Fashion Week—we also got to touch on Burning Man, poet/theologian Christian Wiman, why diving into the fashion industry hasn’t hurt my faith, and bridging the divide between academia and the public when it comes to fashion theory.

Listen to the full podcast here.

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