Shamir on thrifting, gendered clothing and shunning labels

shamir fashion interview unwrinkling

Things Shamir and I have in common:
-We’re both hardcore thrifters
-We’re both generally uninterested in brand names
-We’re both happy in menswear and womenswear
-We both think Solange represents peak sartorial excellence

Things Shamir and I do not have in common:
-Only one of us makes neo-disco-pop music lauded by Pitchfork/Rolling Stone/The New York Times
-Only one of us has been in Vogue/Glamour/Rookie/Dazed
-Only one of us has shared stages with The Killers, Marina & the Diamonds and Troye Sivan
-Only one of us gets manicures willingly

I made this mental Venn diagram after interviewing Shamir for Billboard. I had thought I was going to feel like a basic, boring New Yorker meeting him in my all-black maxi dress and Docs, but he walked in wearing a Kidz Bop Reunion parody t-shirt and scarf he’d knit himself and hugged me and everything was alright. You should go read the interview, where a cute time was had by all.

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