Things I Wish I’d Written

A reading list from yours truly:

A Little More Ration for Fashion by Kyle Bennett

In which the author argues that fashion “can be an exercise in Christian obedience and worship.” (originally from Comment)

Fashion Theory edited by Valerie Steele

A whole journal full of scholars talking about fashion in an academically rigorous way.

How to Write About Dressing Well: The Truth About Fashion Criticism by Fiona Duncan

In which the author asks herself and a bunch of well-esteemed fashion writers, “How can we write and think [more] critically about fashion?” (originally from Bullett)

Re-Dressing a Threadbare Faith: Fashion Theory for the Uninitiated by Bob Covolo

In which the author defends the idea that “if we take fashion theory seriously, we who are clothed in Christ can weave a much stronger faith.” (originally from Cardus)

Theology of Clothing Book Plans by Alastair Roberts

In which the author outlines a theology of clothing based on Biblical narrative about garments. (originally from Alastair’s Adversaria)

Why Fashion is Worth Blogging About by Meg Clark

In which the author refutes the idea that fashion is “stupid, silly, inane, shallow, for girls, a waste of time, consumerist, idiotic, antifeminist, misogynistic, pathetic.” (originally from Good Morning Midnight) *

* Use caution if you’re not the biggest fan of words like that one that starts with an “f” and rhymes with “truck.”

If you have any suggestions that you think belong on this list, please let me know in the comments! And for more worth-reading article updates from me, check out my Twitter—I update it regularly with reading suggestions.

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