Thoreau on Fashion II: Conversations with Chanel, YSL and more

While writing Wednesday’s post on Thoreau, I began imagining the kinds of conversations he would’ve had with some of fashion’s most-quoted icons. I didn’t quite have the raising-from-the-dead technology or media clout to get all these people in the same room at once, so I did the next best thing: threw them into unsophisticated cartoons together.


thoreau on fashion - coco chanel

thoreau on fashion - Oscar Wildethoreau on fashion - yves saint laurent thoreau on fashion - Thomas Morethoreau on fashion - karl Lagerfeldthoreau on fashion - Oscar de la Renta thoreau on fashion - coco Chanel and virginia Woolfthoreau on fashion - anne of green gablesAnd last but not least:

thoreau on fashion - ralph waldo Emerson(Note: Though none of these conversations actually took place, all the quotations are legitimate).

Cartoons by me, generated by Stripgenerator.

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