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Female factory workers during WWII, by Alfred T. Palmer

I began a new job this week.

I have had a lot of jobs since I started Unwrinkling: good ones and bad ones, fashion ones and non-fashion ones. And I haven’t talked about any of them in this space very much, because I started this blog as more of a place to discuss the overlap between fashion and faith rather than a place to discuss my personal life (though there’s some of that, too).

As I’ve grown in my knowledge of the industry, this has also become a place for me to think aloud about fashion in general, and that’s led to me writing about plenty of aspects of fashion that are of interest to me but not necessarily faith-related—from street style photography to the relationship between fashion and music. In the past year, I’ve used this space to share some of the things I’m proud of having written for other publications, and I’ve gotten more comfortable talking about my own journey, too.

But the reason I’m telling you about the new job is that it may shift some of that a little bit. I’m now working at a publication I’ve long admired, where I’m going to be cranking out more fashion-related content than I ever have before. That means I’m probably going to be writing a high volume of things that I’d be happy to have you read, but that don’t have an overt faith angle. (For example, this past week I wrote about the unwritten rules of street style photography culture and things you should know if you’re trying to start your own fashion label).

Now that I’ll have a more regular outlet to write about fashion in general, I plan to use this space to focus more specifically on fashion and faith, plus topics like ethical manufacturing that I see as being intrinsically related. I’ll likely still share some of the general fashion stuff I’m writing, but my ultimate hope for Unwrinkling is that it will be more of a destination for thinking through issues related to fashion and faith than a blog about Whitney’s writing. (And if the latter is what you’re here for, you can always head over to my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Fashionista page to see what else I’m up to).

Thanks for reading, friends. As always, please don’t hesitate to share with me if there’s something fashion- and faith-related that you’d like to see me cover.

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