Unwrinkling Featured In ‘On My Shoebox’

whitney bauck unwrinkling on my shoebox

Yers truly is featured on fashion-and-faith blog On My Shoebox today. In the interview, I talk about the most pressing needs in the fashion industry, why I surround myself with artists, and (betcha didn’t see this one coming!) ethical fashion.

My favorite part of the feature is actually just me stealing my friends’ words to describe my style, though:

Q:  How would you define your fashion aesthetic?

A:  I asked a few of my fashion-savvy friends to describe my style, and this is what they came up with:
“Wendy from Peter Pan decides to become one of the Lost Boys, but still holds on to her Victorian femme roots, and Never Never Land is like a modern day city”
“DIY streetwear thrift store junkie with touches of classy female”
“Most popular girl in school steals her jock boyfriend’s jacket, rides away on a motorcycle, then founds an artist commune in an exotic locale to use her powers for good”

Read the rest of the interview here.

(S/o to Jack and Sharon for their imaginations, to Natalie for the pics, and to Silva for thinking my words are worth sharing).

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