Unwrinkling on the Radio with Carrie Abbott

unwrinkling on the radio

I was on the radio again last week, this time chatting with Carrie Abbott of the Legacy Institute in Seattle. Listen to the full episodes online:

Dig into part one to hear about Levitical priestly garments, clothing as a communicative medium, and the parallel between all-black ensembles and the book of Lamentations.

-Then move into part two to hear me talk tattoos as monuments, my aesthetic instability, and bad fashion puns.

P.S. If the modesty conversation Carrie and I touch on seemed incomplete or rubbed you the wrong way, you might enjoy this modesty series in which I delve more deeply into the problems with Christian modesty rhetoric.

*Note: While having a hunky middle-aged man to strangle while you listen to me may increase the satisfaction of your listening experience, it is not required.

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